Every religion on earth, godly or ungodly, Christianity, occultism, and satanic religions all respects blood and have something in one way or the other to do with blood. The Bible is a bloody book because blood is central to both the Old and New Testaments. After man sinned in the garden, the story of man’s redemption has been a journey that began with the shedding of blood in Eden and ended with blood at Calvary.

We have been taught about blood and how that blood is powerful. There are more religious songs about power in blood than any other subject, but what the church have not looked much into is the revelation of what makes blood powerful. Is it the usual red color of blood? Pre-suppose the blood of Jesus wasn’t shed at all, will there still be any power at all in bloods in general that were shed before the crucifixion of Christ? Blood Mysteries takes the reader on an intriguing journey about mysteries in blood from a biblical perspective.